Getting Started With Content Marketing

7 Tips To Get Started With Content Marketing

This get started page will help you understand what goes into producing great content marketing. Here are our quick tips to getting started:

  1. Commitment Pledge: Meet with the team and write AND SIGN a content marketing pledge. To maximise the impact of content marketing everyone who can take responsibility for new content must commit for it to work!
  2. Preparation: Make sure you have a website suitable for content marketing. Create business pages and channels in all the relevant social media platforms.
  3. Plan: Construct an output plan for your content marketing strategy. Ensure that you are utilising every resource your company has to offer. Assign roles within the team. Include regular progress meetings, and adopt an ‘ideas’ channel open to everyone, not just senior management.
  4. Research: Everything there is to possibly know about your product/service, business, customers, competition, location, and industry. Make sure all regulatory information is 100% correct. NEVER MAKE STUFF UP!
  5. Creation: Brainstorm, Q&A Sessions, Interviews, Latest News, Events, Use whatever methods to generate content that suits your business best. Then apply the media to this. Record video wherever possible, and write text for your audience.
  6. Learn New Skills: Time-consuming to start with; time and money saver long term. Identify which roles need training and find appropriate courses. Outsource where appropriate.
  7. Measure: Ensure there is a regular stream of new content to publish each week, EVERY WEEK. Split information heavy topics up into chapters to make them more easy to digest. Two posts a week = 100 per year! This should be your minimum. Review your analytical data for all posts to see what is and isn’t working.

Commitment Is Key

This is hard work, but the rewards are massive. It is time-consuming, but if the work is planned properly, and shared amongst the team, then a steady stream of high-quality output is achievable. A quick note to add: you don’t need to spend tons of cash on expensive equipment; we will talk more about what you need in depth in another article soon. The key is to get started! You can always go back and edit a previous post if you aren’t happy with it (and you may have to if regulation changes).

If you perceive content marketing as a chore, this will resonate throughout your published posts. Don’t be afraid to ask for content marketing help if you need it, and most important, have some fun whilst doing it!